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MPSC - Inpsection Sorting and Handling System

MPSC - Inpsection Sorting and Handling System

The MPSC [ Measurement, Packing and Sorting Cell] has been developed to qualify routed PCBs by performing dimensional measurement / inspection, sorting of test failures from the matrix and packing good parts into the outbound tray.

 The System:

  • Interfaces with the Depaneling machine immediately preceding the MPSC.
  • The internal SCARA robot with dual pick-up head for PCBA pick and place manipulates the singulated PCBs across a Color camera to identify the PCBA rejects and separate In Circuit Test failures.
  • Failures and bad boards are placed to a reject tray for later remedial treatment.
  • Good PCBs are placed to the outbound tray, a full tray is removed to a position outside the machine and replaced by the next empty tray
  • The system software operates a closed loop auto correction capability, calculating the routing line offset and auto correcting the Router program.